10 December 2017 - 03:13

Korea's minions win the game and tie their series with China

Getting aced was all part of the plan at the League of Legends All-Star Event.
League of Legends Analyst
Photo via Riot Games

Normally, getting aced in the late game isn't a good thing.

But that was all part of the plan for the LCK All-Stars on Saturday night. Down a game to the LPL in the semifinals of the five-vs-five tournament, the LCK took all three enemy inhibs and looked to close the game. But despite all those advantages, they couldn't win a fight. So they decided to let the winions do the work. Who knew that the best players on the side of Korea were the AI-controlled bots?

With both teams running three-tank compositions, the side that managed to blow up a carry would often win. For several fights in a row, it was the LCK players making mistakes. Star mid laner Lee "Faker" Sang-hyeok, who had dominated the game on Zoe, started getting caught when he would use his Portal Jump to find a target.

With the game surging close to 50 minutes, whichever team won the next fight should have had the game. Via another catch on Faker, the LPL seemed to be that team. They could have marched down mid lane and won the series. They just forgot about one thing: the winions.

That's right, super minions in the top lane flooded the LPL's Nexus and took it down. The LPL sent only two back, and it wasn't nearly enough. League fans immediately responded on social media at the crazy end to the game.

The All-Star Event is the perfect time for some fun plays and unconventional strategies. New champions like Zoe and Ornn are being played with aplomb. Who knew that the latest Korean strat was to bait the enemy into acing you and letting the minions do the work. It's safe to say that you shouldn't try that in your solo queue games.

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