LCK All-Pro teams unveiled, Damwon players secure 4 of 5 spots on first team

Faker didn't make the cut.

Photo via Riot Games

The LCK All-Pro teams were introduced today—and four of the five League of Legends players on the All-Pro first team were from Damwon Gaming.

Damwon’s top laner Nuguri, jungler Canyon, mid laner ShowMaker, and support BeryL made the LCK All-Pro first team of the 2020 Summer Split alongside Gen.G ADC Ruler.

Here are the three All-Pro teams for the 2020 LCK Summer Split.

All-LCK first team

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  • Top: DWG Nuguri (186 points)
  • Jungle: DWG Canyon (188 points)
  • Mid: DWG ShowMaker (177 points)
  • Bot: GEN Ruler (178 points)
  • Support: DWG BeryL (177 points)

All-LCK second team

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  • Top: T1 Canna (137 points)
  • Jungle: GEN Clid (138 points)
  • Mid: DRX Chovy (135 points)
  • Bot: DWG Ghost (122 points)
  • Support: DRX Keria (144 points)

All-LCK third team

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  • Top: GEN Rascal (114 points)
  • Jungle: T1 Cuzz (106 points)
  • Mid: GEN Bdd (130 Points)
  • Bot: DRX Deft (110 points)
  • Support: GEN Life (121 points)

Damwon Gaming and Gen.G were the clear favorites of the voters with all five players on each squad making it onto one of the All-Pro teams. While four DWG players got a spot on the All-Pro first team, ADC Ghost’s more utility-oriented style earned him votes for the second All-Pro team.

The votes correlate with the LCK’s regular season standings, with all of the votes going to a player from a top-four team. In this split, however, one of the best mid laners in League history didn’t make the cut. Faker was subbed out in the second half of the split in favor of rookie Clozer.

Due to having fewer games played, Faker didn’t have many opportunities to prove himself this split, especially as T1 gained momentum and started dismantling all their opponents.

The 2020 LCK Summer Split will conclude with Damwon vs. DRX on Sept. 5 at 3am CT.

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