Latest Prime Gaming skin shard available in League of Legends today

Today's skin shard marks the halfway point for Amazon and Riot's promotion.

Image via Riot Games

League of Legends players are now able to claim the latest piece of in-game loot from Prime Gaming

League players whose accounts are linked to Prime Gaming are now eligible to claim another mystery skin shard. The random skin shard that you claim will be guaranteed to be for a champion you already own on your League of Legends account. You won’t be able to receive a skin shard through Prime Gaming for a champion you don’t own. 

Additionally, the skin shard that you claim through Prime Gaming can be rerolled in tandem with other skin shards you already have in your inventory to add a permanent skin to your account. 

To claim today’s Prime Gaming skin shard, your League account will need to be linked to your Prime Gaming account. If you don’t have a Prime Gaming account, you can make one through the Amazon Gaming homepage

Once your accounts are linked, you’ll need to click the blue “Claim Now” button on the Prime Gaming loot page to claim your piece of in-game loot. After doing so, log in to League and navigate to the Hextech Crafting menu. Your skin shard will be waiting for you under the “Materials” tab of that menu. 

Today’s skin shard promotion goes down as the 18th skin shard released by Prime Gaming this year. Amazon intends to release 36 skin shards over the course of 2021, which means today marks the official halfway point in Amazon and Riot’s promotional partnership.

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