KT Rolster signs Mask to Challengers team

The former Hanwha Challengers mid looks to lend his knowledge to VicLa and win the LCK CL.

Photo via Riot Games

KT Rolster has signed former Hanwha Life Esports Challengers mid laner Mask to its Challengers lineup as a substitute mid laner.

Mask was previously the mid laner for Hanwha Challengers throughout the 2021 LCK CL, where he was able to reach second place with the team in the 2021 LCK CL Spring Split. Though, in summer, Hanwha failed to achieve similar results when they finished eighth in Summer. 

Mask was subsequently released from the team in the offseason and without a team to start the 2022 LCK season. Now, he will join KT Challengers as a substitute mid laner where he will lend his knowledge and split time with existing mid laner VicLa.

Mask’s signing comes at a perfect time for KT Challengers as they are set to take on first-place DRX, whom they are currently 0-2 against. They will look to hand the dominant Challengers team their fourth loss of the split on Friday, Feb.18.

KT Challengers are currently third place in the 2022 LCK CL Spring Split with a 12-7 record, a slight improvement from their fourth-place finish in 2021 LCK CL Summer. That being said, KT are currently one of the league’s hottest teams and are on a five-game win streak. 

KT’s LCK team will play against the undefeated T1 in week five of the 2022 LCK Spring Split on Feb. 18, where they will look to end the first half of LCK Spring with a 5-4 record.