KT bounce back with 5th consecutive win in Korea’s LCK

Aiming was on fire.

Photo via Riot Games

In the last few years, KT Rolster’s luck appeared to have run out in League of Legends. They fizzled out of contention and descended further and further down the standings.

In 2020, after a questionable off-season roster reshuffle, it looked like they were gone for good. But today, the team made a surprise resurgence and secured their fifth consecutive win in Korea’s LCK.

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the LCK has temporarily changed to an online format, to ensure the safety of its players. The league returned with a head-to-head between KT and Damwon.

Damwon is known for being the king of scrims, dominating online matches with a combination of aggression and mechanical prowess. At Worlds 2019, they were rumored to be almost unbeatable in scrims. But despite the circumstances being in Damwon’s favor, KT was on form.

KT’s Aiming and TusiN previously had issues finding their stride in the bot lane, falling behind in the stages of the split, and dragging down their team. Today, they thrashed Damwon, winning the laning phase with confidence, and carrying their momentum for the 2-1 win.

Aiming was untouchable on Kalista, finding 10 kills with the help of TusiN’s Taric. The duo systematically took down Damwon’s defenses and pushed down their Nexus.

It wasn’t just Aiming and TusiN though, top laner Nuguri, jungler Canyon, and mid laner ShowMaker each showed promise of their own. If the team can continue to work together and improve as a cohesive unit, they’ll have a real shot at playoffs. The last time the team made it that far was in 2018.

KT looks to continue their streak on Friday, March 27, when they fend off bottom-of-the-table team Hanwha life.