Karma is the second-most banned League champion in the 4 major regions this summer but only has a 38-percent win rate

The Enlightened One has been a priority among many pro teams.

Image via Riot Games

We’re almost halfway through the 2021 Summer Split in most of the major League of Legends regions and teams have already figured out what style of play they want to execute for the rest of the season. Within the meta, players have also found out which champions are huge priorities for them and the competition, like Karma, who’s the second-most banned champion in the LCS, LEC, LPL, and LCK right now.

Even though she has so much priority among pro teams, the champion only has a lackluster 38-percent win rate in major regions this summer, according to Games of Legends. She has a 77-percent pick/ban rate but has only won 23 of the 60 games she’s participated in.

Karma’s strengths lie in the amount of utility she can provide to a team, including movement speed buffs, her massive team-wide shield, her W ability’s root, and her great poking ability. With the right team composition, she can enable her team to get into fights with ease while also helping them stay healthy during the skirmishes.

On the other hand, she lacks the same amount of consistent engage and damage when compared to other champions like Gnar, Renekton, Lee Sin, and Sett, which has also been a huge focus for teams when choosing compositions. She’s a good flex pick in both the mid and top lane, but if a team is behind, a Karma pick can be pretty useless since she relies more on stronger teammates than being the carry.

With how quickly teams can snowball leads, Karma picks can be risky because once your team is set back, it’ll be hard to mount a comeback with the lack of damage coming from whichever role the Enlightened One is in. But if a team is ahead or even with their opponents, she can be a difference-maker with the utility she has to offer.

Ultimately, teams might want to reconsider how high she is on their priority list since many squads know how to play against her and the compositions that are built with her in mind.

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Tyler Esguerra
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