Kaiser wins LEC’s Mid-Split MVP award

The MAD Lions continue to impress.

Image via Riot Games

MAD Lion’s support Norman “Kaiser” Kaiser won the majority vote for the Mid-Split MVP for the LEC yesterday.

The rookie League of Legends support won out over popular players such as G2’s Caps, Fnatic’s Selfmade, Rogue’s Larssen, and MAD Lion’s Humanoid. He was the only support up for the contention of this title.

The 21-year-old German support began his competitive career in May 2018 but has already proved to be one of the best LEC supports in the past two splits.

His adaptive play style, shot calls and vision control allowed MAD Lions to have a successful first split, finishing third in the regular season standings and knocking out G2 Esports in the first Spring Split playoff round.

Kaiser plays most champions to a high level and seems to adapt to the game state quite easily.

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While he was the only support nominated, there was another honorable mention of Rogue’s support, Vander. He has been in the scene since the early development of LEC but has shined brightly this split with his team. Rogue and MAD Lions are also tied for the first place, giving a chance for Vander to shine going forward and perhaps achieve the Split MVP award.

Today’s vote is a sign that LEC’s rookie are on the rise and will always be a challenge for the veterans of the league.