Kai’Sa shares childhood journey in latest K/DA comic

Get a glimpse into Kai'Sa's background.

Image via Riot Games

Riot Games released the latest episode of the comic series “K/DA: Harmonies” featuring Kai’Sa today.

Fans get a sneak peek into the singer’s childhood and her struggles of finding herself. Due to her father’s job, her family would travel often, leaving Kai’Sa unable to find a safe heaven. But that would change once she would stumble upon a dance class.

The comic’s opening panels are set in multiple cities. Kai’Sa eventually grows tired of being unable to adjust to new environments, until one day she stumbles upon a ballet announcement.

She finds her safe haven here, where she begins to understand the universal language all dancers share regardless of background and location. As she continues travelling around the world, she learns new dialects and new types of dances, eventually graduating school.

Following her spectacular performances, the National Ballet offers a season residency to Kai’Sa. But she declines it since she wanted to explore her own world.

Eventually, she joined K/DA after being visited by Evelynn and Ahri at the dance studio where she was giving lessons. The comic ends with Kai’Sa joyfully finding a family and a home.

This is the fourth comic in the “K/DA: Harmonies” series, where fans get a look into the lives of the group members. Out of the core group members only Ahri’s life and background remains a mystery. Following the previous published episodes, we’ll most likely see Ahri’s comic next week.

K/DA made furors with their song “POP/STARS’ in 2018. Recently they’ve became active on social media, acquiring more than 250,000 followers. On Aug. 27 they’ve released “THE BADDEST in collaboration with (G)I-DLE, Bea Miller, and Wolftyla.

On Sep. 21, Riot’s Head of the Musical Group, Toa Dunn, revealed that the group would be performing a new song at this year’s League of Legends World Championship but with no confirmation in which stage that would be.