K/DA set to receive even more new content in 2019

Could this mean a new K/DA music video is coming in 2019?

Image via Riot Games

Rejoice, K/DA fans—your favorite KPOP group will be getting even more new content in 2019, Riot Games revealed in their new skin-oriented dev diary posted earlier today.

“We know that you really love K/DA, like really really really love K/DA, so we’re gonna look for more opportunities to make more Akali skins… I mean we’re gonna bring to life more music-inspired skins that can live beyond the game,” Riot skin producer Carlos Giffoni said.

Riot has yet to reveal how it plans to make new K/DA skins that can “live beyond the game.” This could possibly mean that K/DA will be dropping a new music video in 2019 with new group members, or even new K/DA-inspired merchandise, like Akali’s highly-requested face mask.

Continuing with the trend of prestige skins, Riot announced that Ahri and Evelynn will also be getting prestige K/DA skins, joining fellow K/DA members Akali and Kai’sa. Riot plans to “continue to release more prestige edition skins throughout the year.”

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Making their debut at the 2018 World Championship finals with hit song POP/STARS, K/DA became an instant internet sensation. With their music video sitting at 159 million views right now, K/DA is arguably Riot’s most popular set of skins.

Riot hasn’t revealed a release date for any of the new K/DA content set to come out in 2019.