K/DA rapper Soyeon hit the Rift as Akali

The Korean rapper portrayed Akali in K/DA and True Damage.

Image via Riot Games

Korean rapper Soyeon portrayed Akali in the virtual League of Legends music groups K/DA and True Damage. And today, fans got to see the star play the Rogue Assassin on the Rift.

The rapper was able to snag a victory as Akali during her YouTube broadcast earlier today. Soyeon even donned the ninja’s K/DA skin to wreak havoc in style.

Soyeon finished her Akali game with a respectable 5/3/10 KDA, besting her lane opponent who was ironically also using a K/DA skin. Though the Korean star gave up the first kill to Ahri, she was able to trade kills a few minutes later. After picking up another kill on the enemy team’s Lux, Soyeon salvaged a normally poor Akali laning phase at 2/2.

Though her Akali game ended in a victory, Soyeon’s first game on Ashe didn’t go as well. As the AD carry, the rapper went 0/8.

The 21-year-old became the leader of the (G)I-dle girl group in 2018. Fellow group mate Miyeon also participated in K/DA, voicing Ahri in “POP/STARS.”

Soyeon fans wondering when the rapper will be live next can keep tabs on (G)I-dle’s Twitter for announcements.