K/DA ALL OUT Kai’Sa Prestige Edition to be unlockable with 2,000 Worlds tokens

Kai'Sa is set to receive her second Prestige skin.

Image via Riot Games

The recently announced ALL OUT skinline, featuring Ahri, Evelynn, Kai’Sa, Akali, and the latest champion Seraphine is here to celebrate K/DA’s comeback. Kai’Sa is at the centerpiece of this revival, receiving the 27th prestige skin in League of Legends.

Image via Riot Games

Players around the world will be able to acquire this skin for 2,000 Worlds event tokens. The skin will be limited and unlockable until Nov. 24 only, so get grinding if you want to acquire it. The skin will hit the PBE today before arriving on live servers Oct. 29.

Kai’Sa currently has five skins and this will be her sixth. This is the second Prestige edition skin she will receive, with the first one being K/DA Kai’Sa Prestige following the success of the group at Worlds 2018.