Jinx’s price has been lowered to 4,800 Blue Essence after Sett’s release

She was the oldest 6,300 RP champion in the game.

Image via Riot Games

If you still haven’t bought Jinx from the League of Legends in-game store, then today is your lucky day. The Loose Cannon’s price is permanently getting lowered from 6,300 Blue Essence (BE) to 4,800.

In 2014, Riot Games began a new program that reduced champion prices on a fixed schedule based on champion release dates. Whenever a new champion is released, the oldest remaining 6,300 BE cost champion will get its price reduced to the 4,800 BE tier.

Additionally, on every third champion released, an extra champion that’s priced at 4,800 BE or lower will be reduced to the next lowest price point. These are also based on the age of the champion as well as ease of play.

Last time, Lucian got a price reduction when Aphelios was released. Before that, Aatrox’s price was reduced when Senna dropped on the live servers. The next champions to get their price reduced will be Yasuo, Vel’Koz, and Braum.

Jinx has remained a staple AD carry champion in League, especially in the solo queue ladder. She also recently got a buff where she can activate her passive ability by helping allies capture epic monsters. If you have some Blue Essence to spare, hop into a Summoner’s Rift game and try her out for yourself.