Jhin player scores a triple kill with his traps

Outstanding performance from the Virtuoso.

Image via Riot Games

In League of Legends, players will sometimes play a certain champion in a position for which it wasn’t made or build bizarre, non-standard items. In recent weeks, AP Kai’Sa mid, for instance, has become quite popular in solo queue.

In cases like these, most players aren’t used to seeing certain abilities deal enormous amounts of damage. A Reddit user named BoysenberryHead7026 proved this in a video posted on the platform.

The player was playing Jhin, but he was building him as an AP-based champion. Viewers can see Luden’s Tempest in the champion’s inventory for starters. When you look at Jhin’s kit, you’ll realize that he only has two abilities that scale with AP—Dancing Grenade (Q) and Captive Audience (E).

The champion’s E has been prioritized by the player in this scenario, and they had placed a number of traps in a brush in the bot lane. In the clip, three enemies, Hecarim, Thresh, and Ashe, were approaching the player, and with every second were a few steps closer to the pit of traps.

Hecarim was the first champion to activate the traps with his ultimate. The activation itself, however, wasn’t what wiped all three of them off of Summoner’s Rift. It was the detonation, which occurred two seconds later, that awarded Jhin a triple kill.

We know that this iteration of the Virtuoso sounds all fun and games. Though, remember, that it might not always be the best idea to have AP-based items on a champion with only two AP-scaling abilities. And, if you need proof, just look at the player’s games history on op.gg, where you’ll see that he ended up losing the game.

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