Jhin, Orianna, and Shen have the highest win rates of any champion with at least 10 played games at Worlds 2020

The Virtuoso leads the way with a 68.4 percent win rate.

Teamfight Tactics Jhin
Image via Riot Games

The final series of the 2020 League of Legends World Championship between Suning and DAMWON Gaming is rapidly approaching, and fans have seen many different champions and team compositions along the way.

But both teams might want to consider picking Jhin, Orianna, and Shen this weekend since they have been some of the most successful picks at the tournament. These three choices have the highest win rate among champions played in at least 10 games during Worlds 2020, according to Gamepedia.

Jhin leads the way right now with an impressive 68.4 percent win rate through 38 games. He’s also the champion with the fourth-most played games at the tournament behind Lillia, Senna, and Graves—the Outlaw has been used in 62 games, with a 51.6 percent win rate.

Orianna sits in second with an equally impressive 66.7 percent win rate through 33 games. The big difference between her and Jhin, however, is that she’s been banned in 34 games, while the Virtuoso has been banned in only eight games. It’s clear that many teams fear Orianna’s impact a lot more than Jhin’s.

Shen also has a 66.7 percent win rate, but he’s only been played in 12 games. Kindred and Ornn were used a lot more at Worlds—the former has been played in 20 games, while the latter has been played in 34 games. They have win rates of 65 percent and 64.7 percent, respectively, and have impacted both draft phases and games at a large rate.

In fact, Ornn has been banned 59 times in this tournament, making him one of the most banned champions at Worlds 2020. He’s one of the strongest champions in competitive play at the moment due to his ability to start skirmishes, disengage fights, and tank for his team. He also gives his team a big power spike with his upgraded items.

League fans will have all eyes on which champions DAMWON and Suning focus on for the finals. You can catch all the action when the two finally battle it out for the Summoner’s Cup on Saturday, Oct. 31 at 5am CT.

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