Jensen on his hiatus from pro play: ‘I came to the conclusion that all I really want to do is play League’

Cloud9's mid laner shed some light on the lessons he learned from his time off.

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After taking a break during the 2022 LCS Spring Split, Jensen has returned to the competition. Rejoining Cloud9 in May, the player has already made an impact on the big stage. Following last weekend’s League of Legends matches, Jensen spoke with independent journalist Parkes Ousley about his return to the LCS and what he has been doing during his hiatus from pro play.

Jensen explained that he has been mostly “exploring life for the past couple of months.” But while enjoying the break to a degree, he came to the realization of what he wanted to do with his life. “I came to the conclusion that all I really want to do is play League of Legends,” he said.

The mid laner said that the break gave him a real desire to compete at the highest level. “The break just, you know, helped me understand that this is really what I want to do,” Jensen explained. “That was like the most important lesson I got for myself in this offseason.”

Jensen added that while he has felt “burned out” during his career “many times,” competing is still what he intends to do with his life at the moment.

Since 2015, Jensen has played for Cloud9 and Team Liquid. But he explained that his return to his former team, the team where he first made a name for himself in the LCS was “like a comfort thing… because I kind of had an idea of how C9 operated,” he said. He was “considering other options,” but in the end, he decided on C9.

Jensen added that he wasn’t expecting C9 to be a viable option for his career, considering how well they performed in the 2022 LCK Spring Split. The Dane also revealed that he considered returning to Europe. “It was definitely something I considered a little bit… that was an option for me, but ultimately I thought that I wouldn’t be happy going back to Europe.”

Jensen will return to action on Friday, June 24, when C9 face off against Dignitas.


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