JDG sweep Suning in LPL Summer Split

Yagao and Loken are overpowered on the same team.

Screengrab via LPL

JD Gaming triumphantly returned to the LPL after their Mid-Season Cup performance by defeating Suning in a clean 2-0 series today.

The LPL Spring Split champions produced a wonderful show in both games. ADC Lee “LokeN” Dong-wook was on fire today with Ezreal and received his first MVP of the split.

The first game was quite passive with both League of Legends teams refusing to make proactive plays. Objectives were traded left and right and neither team stood out as a clear contender for the win. But then JDG got a couple of picks, which allowed them to snowball their lead.

After securing vision around Baron, JDG went to take the all-important buff. Suning tried to stop them but failed. JDG secured the Baron and went on to finish the game.

The second game was a mirror of the first with both teams playing passively early on. After some proactive plays from JDG, though, the game turned into a traditional LPL bloodbath. Both teams kept trading kills and objectives, but JDG always came out on top. After securing two Barons and Mountain Dragon Soul, JDG pushed into Suning’s base to finish the game.

Suning should be proud of their performance, however, regardless of the result. They put up a good fight considering they were thought to be much weaker than they appear to be right now.

JDG’s next match is against TOP Esports, who managed to win the Mid-Season Cup. You can tune in to the official Riot Games LPL channel on Sunday at 8m CT to see if JDG can take down TOP.