Janna player uses ultimate to wipe out 5 enemies in League’s Nexus Blitz mode

Supports can carry, too.

Image via Riot Games

A monsoon hit League of Legends‘ Nexus Blitz yesterday—and only one player was left standing.

A League player posted their spectacular Janna play in the MOBA’s most chaotic game mode, using the champion’s ultimate to take out five opponents.

Nexus Blitz’s Bardle Royale event pits both teams in a circle that slowly closes, with champions outside the boundary taking true damage. The Janna player’s squad were all taken out shortly after the Bardle Royale event kicked off, leaving a support champ to take on five enemies on their own. With the ring dwindling, the player had to think quick on their feet—and there was only one thing left to do.

Janna used Howling Gale (Q) to knock up four enemies and buy some time. The player then dodged a couple of skill shots before flashing into the middle of the opposing squad and using Monsoon (R). The ultimate pushed all five opponents outside of the ring, killing them instantly and rewarding the player with a quadrakill. The only stain on the fantastic play is that no pentakill was awarded, likely because Janna didn’t deal any damage to the opposing Rumble.

The Janna and their team went on to with the Nexus Blitz match 14 minutes later.

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