J Team falters in the fight for second: LMS Week 5 Recap

While ahq e-Sports Club solidified its hold on second place, Wayi Spider is still without a win.

The highly anticipated fight for second between J Team and ahq e-Sports Club didn’t quite live up to expectations, while Flash Wolves and Hong Kong Esports came back from IEM Katowice ready to win.


Friday, March 3

  • Hong Kong Esports 2-1 eXtreme Gamers
  • J Team 2-0 Wayi Spider

Saturday, March 4

  • Fireball 0-2 Flash Wolves
  • J Team 0-2 ahq e-Sports Club

Sunday, March 5

  • Fireball 0-2 ahq e-Sports Club
  • Machi E-Sports 2-0 eXtreme Gamers


  1. Flash Wolves (6-0)
  2. ahq e-Sports Club (6-1)
  3. J Team (5-2)
  4. Machi E-Sports (3-3)
  5. Hong Kong Esports (3-3)
  6. Fireball (2-5)
  7. eXtreme Gamers (1-6)
  8. Wayi Spider (0-7)

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