Irelia’s update makes her League’s first anti-shield champion

Her kit was officially revealed today.

Image via Riot Games

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Players are all aboard the hype train for Irelia’s rework, with Riot continually releasing more info on it over the course of the past week. Today, her official reveal was published, including videos and comprehensive descriptions of each of her abilities.

We can say for certain that this new Irelia will require much, much more skill to use properly than the old Irelia. Rather than dashing into people and dumping your abilities on them, she requires a lot of mobility, angling, and dancing around the battlefield.

Instead of building from a damage item or two into full-tank, she’ll also be better as an assassin-duelist, much like Fiora, and she’ll probably build a lot more damage. She’ll also be the first anti-shield champion in the game thanks to her brand new passive.

Here are all of Irelia’s new abilities.

Passive: Ionian Fervor

“Hitting enemies with spells grant Irelia stacks of Ionian Fervor for a few seconds. Hitting multiple champions with an ability grants multiple stacks, and basic attacking extends their duration. Each stack adds bonus magic damage to her basic attacks. At max stacks, this bonus damage is increased against shields, and Irelia also gains attack speed.”

Q: Bladesurge

“Irelia dashes to a target, dealing physical damage (increased if it’s a minion or monster), applying on-hit effects, and healing for a small amount.

“If the target was marked or dies to Bladesurge, its cooldown is refreshed.”

W: Defiant Dance

First cast:

“Irelia begins charging her blades, losing the ability to move or attack but gaining significant damage reduction for a brief period. This channel can’t be interrupted.”

Second cast:

“Irelia lashes out with her blades, dealing physical damage in a line. The damage increases as Irelia charges.”

E: Flawless Duet

“Irelia sends a blade to a location, and can recast Flawless Duet to send a second blade to another location. The blades will then fly towards one another, dealing magic damage and stunning enemies caught in the crossfire. Flawless Duet also marks champions and large monsters for a few seconds.”

R: Vanguard’s Edge

“Irelia unleashes the full force of her blades in a line. If Vanguard’s Edge hits an enemy champion, the blades will radiate outward, dealing damage and marking enemy champions and large monsters, and forming a barrier that lasts for a few seconds. This blade wall deals magic damage and significantly slows enemy champions that pass through it. It also disarms them for a few seconds, making them unable to basic attack.”

Irelia is slated for release in two weeks with Patch 8.7.