Invictus Gaming mid laner Rookie opens Korean restaurant in China

The former League of Legends world champion is expanding his horizons.

Photo via Riot Games

Invictus Gaming mid laner and former League of Legends world champion Rookie has opened a Korean restaurant in the Jing’an District of Shanghai, China. The restaurant is called Gluttonism Korean Cuisine, according to a report and translation by LPL journalist Ran.

Rookie, an eight-year veteran of professional League, has played for Invictus for seven seasons, winning a World Championship with the organization in 2018. Rookie’s Invictus Gaming teammate and fellow world champion TheShy reportedly appeared at the restaurant on its opening night, in addition to one of Rookie’s former teammates from IG’s 2018 championship squad, JackeyLove. League fans who dined at the restaurant on its opening night had the chance to be served by Rookie, or even receive free food, according to Ran. 

Gluttonism Korean Cuisine serves dishes such as old-fashioned whole fried chicken, spicy stir-fried rice, fried octopus, pork belly, and many others, according to the restaurant’s menu. 

It’s unclear if Rookie’s venture into the restaurant industry is a part-time gig or a full-time enterprise. His eight full seasons of professional League make him one of the most tenured players across the globe, making retirement a very real possibility for the former world champion.

Rookie is in the final year of his contract with Invictus Gaming. His deal with the organization is set to expire on Nov. 16.

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