Interview with FW’s Maple & Karsa IG’s mid-jungle synergy is the strongest; we’re afraid of meeting EDG.

LMS team AHQ also chose to play Tahm Kench--and the results were pretty good. Have you guys prepared to use him? Maple: I think in terms of protecting the ADC, Tahm Kench is really strong.

LMS team AHQ also chose to play Tahm Kench–and the results were pretty good. Have you guys prepared to use him?

Maple: I think in terms of protecting the ADC, Tahm Kench is really strong. But because this champion is so new, our support hasn’t practiced him, so we can’t use him.

How did you find out about his strength?

Maple: During practice, everyone tried playing this champion against each other. That’s why we know.

Did you think you’d go 3-0 yesterday? Did you think you’d be the first seed in Group A? How did you end up here?

Maple: The reason why we played well today was because we got our strongest team composition. As a result, we had extra incentive to play well.

Your team has been pretty up and down. Why is that?

Maple: If we find a play style that suits us, then we’ll play really well.

You’re first seed in Group A. Is there a team you really want to play against?

Karsa: The team we definitely don’t want to meet is EDG. The team we want to meet is AHQ.

Why do you want to meet AHQ when the top 8 teams are assembled after group stages?

Karsa: Because if we meet them, that means they’ll make it out of group stages. We really want to see them make it out. The other teams might not necessarily advance.

Maple, you’ve played in the S3 World Championships. In the first game, you were brutally punished by Faker. In these two games on Leblanc, do you feel like you’re improved a lot since your last game on the world stage?

Maple: In these two years, I’ve definitely improved. During the S3 World Championships, we weren’t that strong–but it’s different this time around.

If you play against Faker again, will you meet the same destiny as two years ago?

Maple: This time won’t be the same as the S3 World Championships. Group A was pretty strong–I think we’ll have different results.

During the competition, your top laner will make mistakes here and there. For example, he missed his ultimate on Malphite, and he used Lulu ulti on the wrong teammate. How was the communication in team coms, at the time?

Karsa: We’re already used to it. Our top laner is always like this.

If Flash Wolves’ mid laner and jungler get champions they’re comfortable on, do you think you can win?

Maple: We’ll try our best to get champions we want. If we pick a strong champion for one of our lanes, we can pick up advantages.

Before, it was your top laner that focused mid. Now, you’re focusing on a strong mid-jungle synergy. Was this because of last week’s performance?

Karsa: Because our top laner has a tendency to die, we have to keep tabs on him. Today, we decided to just let him farm while I focused on our bot lane and mid lane–so I could snowball their lanes.

You used Leblanc to play against Azir today. Is it because you wanted to dedicate all your effort into that game?

Maple: It’s mainly because we ended up with really good results in scrims when I’m on Leblanc. In this patch, the mid laner constantly brings Teleport. But if you’re facing Leblanc and you bring Teleport, it’s really easy for her to solo-kill you. So picking Leblanc conveniently stops that mid Teleport strategy.

In this game, Jinx got a pentakill–the second pentakill of Worlds. How did you make this happen?

Karsa: At the time, I was rushing to get there. All of a sudden, I heard a team fight start. Our top laner managed to get four people with his ultimate. We didn’t even realize there was a pentakill.

Occasionally, you’d rush in on Leblanc, disregarding your safety in order to deal some damage on the opposing team. Is that decision good for your teammates?

Maple: Because our opponents didn’t try and stop me–their Kennen was squishy–if I went in with one combo and pressed R, everything would turn out fine.

How did you manage to beat Korea twice in a row? Is it because you’ve studied KOO a lot?

Maple: In the first game, we got Gangplank–so we managed to win. In the second game, we managed to catch them out and capitalize on their weaknesses. KOO’s mid-jungle synergy isn’t as strong as ours, so we worked hard to protect our mid and jungle.

Where do you think your mid-jungle synergy ranks in this tournament?

Maple: I think the strongest mid-jungle synergy is IG’s. The rest aren’t good enough.

A lot of people didn’t think you’d make it through the group stages. Now that you’ve done it, do you have anything to say?

Karsa: The fact that we ended up in the first group meant we had good luck. Even though we didn’t expect it, we still wanted to perform as best as we could. But since no one expected us to get out, we didn’t feel any pressure.

Before, Taiwanese fans stated on forums that you should win the World Championships. Do you feel a lot of pressure from that?

Karsa: We know they’re joking–we didn’t act like it was real talk.