Imp retires from competitive League of Legends

The original Samsung Galaxy White roster has now almost fully dissolved.

Photo via Riot Games

Former world champion and bot laner Gu “Imp” Seung-bin has retired from competitive League of Legends.

Since leaving his home region in the “Korean exodus,” after winning Worlds 2014 with Samsung Galaxy White—arguably the greatest team of all time—Imp has fallen away from his once-dominant and mechanically-intense playstyle.

He saw varying success under the LPL’s LDG Gaming, taking a comfortable first place in the summer season, but failed to translate over to the international stage—bombing out of Worlds later that year. 

The following five years have been bleak for Imp. He’s barely scraped the barrel of his once famed authority in the bot lane and has fallen into the lower echelon of the league. His hunger for the game has vanished, resulting in his retirement.

Although Imp hasn’t been a big name for some time now, he will be remembered for his cocksure attitude in Korea’s OGN, and of course, his legendary performance at the world championship.

Imp’s retirement marks the end of an era. The full 2014 Samsung Galaxy White roster has now almost fully retired from the game, with support Cho “Mata” Se-hyeong departing from the LCK’s T1 just yesterday.