Immortals eliminated from LCS playoff contention after losing to Dignitas

Xmithie last missed the playoffs in 2014.

Photo via Riot Games

Immortals’ hopes of qualifying for the 2020 LCS Spring Split playoffs were dashed today after losing to a surging Team Dignitas squad. They’ll have to regroup for the 2020 Summer Split, while Dignitas will now prepare to face off against Golden Guardians later today to lock in the sixth and final spot in the postseason.

Dignitas have been playing relatively clean over the past three games, taking down TSM and Immortals to keep their playoff hopes alive. Not many people had high hopes for this League of Legends team when they announced their roster at the start of the year, but after switching out Grig for Akaadian, they’ve looked a bit more consistent as a unit.

The team looked great across most of its roles today. Akaadian led the team with seven kills on Pantheon, while Froggen and Johnsun both had three kills each to contribute to the victory. Consistency has been a problem for most teams in the LCS, but Dignitas have looked good in multiple matches.

On the other side of the Rift, this is surely a disappointing finish for Immortals, but there’s still plenty of room to grow for next season. The team’s veteran jungler, Xmithie, will now miss the LCS playoffs for the first time since his days on XDG in 2014. But there will be plenty of time for him to help his team fix their issues and prepare for the summer.

The team might also consider retooling for the next season, whether that will be through some roster or coaching changes. Based on their stats, it seems like they don’t have enough firepower in the lineup, so the organization might look to beef up their team before the next season begins.

In the meantime, you can catch Dignitas against Golden Guardians at 4pm CT today to find out who captures the final playoff spot of the 2020 Spring Split.