Imaqtpie showcases Aphelios’ insane range in League of Legends

Does the marksman need more nerfs?

Image via Riot Games

When League of Legends fans called for Aphelios nerfs, Riot devs listened. But it seems like the marksman could use some more.

Former pro Michael “imaqtpie” Santana showed off the Weapon of the Faithful’s broken range during his Twitch broadcast yesterday. The Twitch streamer was able to take out the opposing AD carry in a matter of seconds before they even knew what hit them.

Imaqtpie begins the interaction by leaving a cheeky sentry turret in a bush using his Crescendum’s ability. When the enemy Lucian walks through the bush, the sentry marks him several times and allows the former pro to hit a few devastating long-range auto attacks.

To finish the opponent off, imaqtpie switched to his Calibrum rifle and hit the skill shot from afar. This marked Lucian again and allowed the streamer to deliver a final blow with another long-range follow-up attack.

Prior to the fight, imaqtpie’s KDA was 0/2/3 and his only damage items were three Doran’s Blades. But Aphelios was still able to take out the Lucian in less than five seconds from a disgusting range.

Patch 10.1 targeted the new marksman by lowering his movement speed and health base stats while decreasing the amount of AoE damage his Infernum ultimate does. But that didn’t quite solve the lack of counterplay when being taken out from an unhealthy distance.

It’s unclear if Aphelios will undergo further nerfs in future patches, but it looks like he can certainly use them.