Huge bundle of new skins teased by Riot, includes Mafia Braum and Mecha Aurelion Sol

You didn't know you wanted a tattoo'd gangster Braum until now.

Screengrab via Riot Games

Aurelion Sol’s fans pleaded with Riot to give him a new skin, and Riot is finally delivering two years after his release with Mecha Aurelion Sol, according to the company’s PBE preview today.

A-Sol isn’t the only one getting a shiny new skin, either. Three more skins are being added to the Cosmic set, which is one of League of Legends’ most popular skin sets. Those three skins are going to Xin Zhao, Ashe, and Lulu. Lulu’s is especially hilarious, because Pix, her small fairy companion, turns into what appears to be a tiny, cute Aurelion Sol.

So really, this is like one-and-a-half skins for him, right? That’s probably how that works.

But wait, there’s more! The PBE preview didn’t stop at those four skins. Braum is also getting another, and with it, he’ll join the Mafia skin family that Miss Fortune and Graves are already a part of. In this skin, Braum gets a spiffy new haircut, suit vest and pants, some gnarly tattoos, and big, brass knuckle dusters.

His shield is a vault door, which is funny, because his original shield is also a vault door. One’s just fantasy-themed while the other is very “You can get much further with a kind word and a gun then you can with a kind word alone.” That’s Al Capone, in case you were wondering.

Each new skin features new ability animations and, from the looks of it, recall animations as well. It’s hard to tell what the full list of features are from the teaser alone, but it seems, at first glance, that we might get some custom sound effects, too.

These skins should go live with Patch 8.16 in a little over two weeks.