How to watch the 2021 LCK Spring Split

League of Legends Champions Korea has returned.

Photo via Riot Games

The League of Legends transfer window is officially over, signaling the start of a new competitive season in South Korea. 

The LCK’s return to form at Worlds 2020 led to a surge of roster changes in the region. Big names like DAMWON’s Nuguri, DragonX’s Deft, and T1’s Effort all committed to new teams in the offseason.

This year’s LCK Spring Split will see a shift in priorities for the league with rookies and academy players, more than ever, taking their first steps onto the big stage. After a commanding performance from DAMWON at Worlds, this split will set the pace for the year.

Here’s everything you need to know about the 2021 LCK Spring Split. 


You can watch all of the matches on the LCK’s Twitch channel.

Week one

Wednesday, Jan. 13

  • 2am CT: Gen.G vs. KT Rolster
  • 5am CT: T1 vs. Hanwha Life Esports

Thursday, Jan. 14

  • 2am CT: Nongshim RedForce vs. Liiv SANDBOX
  • 5am CT: DragonX vs. Afreeca Freecs

Friday, Jan. 15

  • 2am CT: Fredit BRION vs. Gen.G
  • 5am CT: DWG KIA vs. T1

Saturday, Jan. 16

  • 2am CT: Liiv SANDBOX vs. KT Rolster
  • 5am CT: Hanwha Life Esports vs. DragonX

Sunday, Jan. 17

  • 2am CT: Nongshim RedForce vs. DWG KIA
  • 5am CT: Afreeca Freecs vs. Fredit BRION

The full list of LCK roster changes can be found here.

Matches to watch

  • Gen.G vs. KT Rolster: The first game of the split will see Gen.G take on a newly formed KT. The teams will test the waters and give fans an indication of what’s to come for the season.
  • DWG KIA vs. T1: DAMWON, now known as DWG KIA, suffered just one casualty in the offseason. The world champions said goodbye to Nuguri and signed Khan, a fitting replacement for the player. The squad will look to stretch their wings when they face off against T1 and once again try to prove that they’re a team to be feared.

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