How to get Lillia’s Haiku in League of Legends

Who could say no to a free champion?

Image via Riot Games

The latest champion that’s set to join League of Legends is Lillia, the magical, half-fawn, half-human, forest-dwelling jungler.

Ahead of Lillia’s release, players have the option to collect her haiku by completing a quest. Like Sett and his calling card, the haiku will reportedly unlock Lillia for free. Instead of wasting precious Blue Essence or forking out Riot Points, you can simply get the champion through Lillia’s Haiku when she goes live in Patch 10.15.

There’s a list of requirements you need to tick off for Lillia’s Haiku, according to reports from multiple players.

All you reportedly have to do is get 350 enemy takedowns as a jungler on Summoner’s Rift. This includes normal, ranked, and bot games. But ARAM doesn’t work. If you’re not a jungler and you’re not using Smite, this won’t work.

Image via Riot Games

You strictly have to jungle, which includes killing camps and, of course, ganking. If you sit idly in a lane, farm minions, and completely ignore the jungle, you won’t get Lillia’s Haiku, even with 350 takedowns.

The easiest way to do this is to join a game against bots, kill a certain percentage of minions from the jungle (let’s say at least 33 percent) and get 350 takedowns. This should be easily achieved and will likely take a few games to complete.

When the quest is complete and your game is finished, Lillia’s Haiku should automatically appear in your inventory. You won’t be able to fully unlock the champion and play her until League Patch 10.15, however, which releases on Wednesday, July 22.

This article will be updated if any additional information about Lillia’s Haiku becomes available.