How to fix League of Legends Match History not working?

Let me show you my recent KD—oh, wait.

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Going over how you performed in a match right after returning to League of Legends’ launcher is almost a habit for most players. Whether it’s to check how you did against your lane opponent or to flame one of your teammates with some hard proof, match history can be a useful tool for many purposes.

Even if a match doesn’t appear right after it ends, they usually pop up in a few minutes. If your match history doesn’t load, however, it may be a sight of a bigger problem. The match history tab is well connected with the servers—meaning if the servers go down, so does the tab.

Here’s what you can do if you can’t load your match history.

  • If you see other players on community hubs like Reddit who are reporting that they also can’t open their match history, the chances are it’ll require Riot Games to roll out a fix. 
    • You can also try to load other tabs like the Shop to verify the situation since they’ll likely be down if there’s a server problem.
  • Because this can also happen due to crowded servers, waiting or relogging can also help you avoid the problem.
  • While the servers may be acting up and causing you trouble with your match history, you should still be able to check your past matches through services like OP.GG. These services often get updated through different channels, meaning they can still stay up to date if you can’t open your match history.
  • While Riot usually hears about these kinds of bugs through social media channels, it’ll also be helpful to report it as a bug in the game so the developers can take a deeper look into what may have gone wrong.

If the other services are working and you can still queue up for a match, you should just go to another one while waiting for the bug to be fixed. Even if you play a few matches while you can’t access your match history, they’ll still show up when it’s finally back.


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