How to change your Summoner name in League of Legends

Now you can get rid of your XxxYasuoMainxxX nickname.

Image via Riot Games

Not everyone choses the right nickname for themselves from the start.

Some look to their favorite League of Legends champions for inspiration when creating a nickname, but sometimes, your favorite champion may change or you simply outgrow the nickname.

It might grow on you over time in some cases, while in others it might make you an easy target for enemy flame or insults. If you grow tired of it however it’s very easy to change your nickname.

How to change your League nickname

  1. Log in to your League account
  2. Go to the Store, find the Account tab (highlighted with Red)

3. Purchase the Summoner Name Change service, which costs either 1,300 RP or 13,900 Blue Essence.

There are a couple of conditions which you need to follow if you want a new name however, these are:

  • The name can’t have the words ‘Riot’ in it
  • Names must be longer than three characters but smaller than 16 characters
  • The name shouldn’t contain personal information which could identify you
  • Naming yourself like an Esports professional is not acceptable and you’ll be asked to change your name

If you follow all these rules and change your name, you can go back and enjoy your experience on Summoner’s Rift.