Hong Kong Esports Heading To IEM Katowice

IEM has its full roster once again.

Photo Credit: Hong Kong Esports

Hong Kong Esports of the LMS is set to take over from EDward Gaming of the LPL’s IEM Katowice Spot.

HKE currently sit in sixth place of the LMS region behind the likes of Flash Wolves, J Team and ahq e-Sports Club, Fireball and Machi Esports. Attending IEM Katowice will add to the currently very small list of international appearances.

While the expectations aren’t high for HKE, attending IEM Katowice has many potential positive benefits as they can now get a taste of what international play is like. The LMS seeds for international play are always taken by Flash Wolves or ahq e-Sports Club. However, now with three seeds for Worlds, HKE could make a bid for Worlds this year.

The news means that there will be no NA or LPL region represented at IEM Katowice after Cloud9 also bowed out of the event.

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