30 May 2015 - 12:48

Hold the Lane Podcast - Coaching and Talent Development [ Part 1 ]

In this episode of the hold the lane Esports podcast, we talk about coaching and talent developing in Esports ! You should check it out !
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Hello and welcome to the second episode of the Hold the Lane Podcast !

On this Episode I'm joined by 3 incredible smart Coaches and Analysts :

Daniel Hume - analyst for Team Liquid and coach of Last Kings (LAS) - https://twitter.com/exorant

John Crichton - Analyst for Pain Gaming (Brazil) - https://twitter.com/rng_lol

Dylan - Freelance Analyst - https://twitter.com/xQcMx


We talk about coaching experiences, coaching in Esports and developing talent.

It's worth watching !

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