Here are the best League of Legends wallpapers

Spice up your desktop with some of the League universe's most impressive artistry.

Image via Riot Games

League of Legends is home to a vast multitude of worlds, regions, and multiverses. While most League players will only recognize the landscape of Summoner’s Rift (which is fine), there’s a whole universe of League lore waiting to be explored. Much of that universe is supplemented by some extremely in-depth art pieces that could serve as wallpapers, printouts, or pieces of a slideshow. 

Several years ago, Riot consolidated all of League’s lore—including the game’s short stories, champion biographies, and associated pieces of artwork—onto the League Universe website. There, players can dive into the entire foundation of League’s story, one piece of media at a time. 

The official League Universe website is home to hundreds of images. All of them are officially licensed Riot Games art pieces, and many of them boast impressive designs. Here are some of the best League of Legends wallpapers you can find for free through the League Universe website. 

The Celestial Vault

Image via Riot Games

The city of Helia had been the capital of the Blessed Isles before the Ruination took hold. The Celestial Vault was, at one time, one of the city’s robust landmarks before dark energies twisted the region into the Shadow Isles, leaving the Vault abandoned entirely. 

Demacian Plaza

Image via Riot Games

The people of Demacia often gather in the center of the city to celebrate the Kingdom’s cultural, religious, militaristic, and economic achievements. This particular image depicts the citizens of Demacia gathering in the Grand Plaza, a major landmark of the city.  

Bilgewater Bay

Image via Riot Games

Bilgewater Bay is home to some of the most rough-and-tough scoundrels Runeterra has to offer. To keep order, Bilgewater Bay serves as host to a ruthless caste system. The most well-off denizens live high above the streets and bridges, while those who can’t afford to find higher ground will often be cast out with the next wave.  

Ashe looking over the Freljord

Image via Riot Games

This image depicts Ashe looking over the village of Rakelstake, a site where religious pilgrims journey to pay tribute to Avarosa, a one-time queen of the Freljord who united the region’s warring tribes to fight back the creatures of the Void. 

Progress Day in Piltover

Image via Riot Games

This image showcases citizens in Piltover celebrating a traditional holiday called Progress Day. The holiday marks the date on which the Sun Gates—the link between Piltover and Shurima—were opened for the first time, bringing trade prosperity and vast wealth to Piltover.