Here are all the League of Legends champions that appear in the second act of Arcane

The second act of Arcane had champions returning from the first act and some surprising Easter eggs for the future.

Screengrab via Netflix

Riot Games’ animated series Arcane premiered its second act on Nov. 13. League of Legends fans who are familiar with the champions in the game will get to see some of them in the series. 

The seven League champions on the second act of Arcane appeared on the first part of the show. Ekko is the only champion that appeared in the first part but doesn’t return explicitly in act two. These champions’ stories should develop further in Arcane‘s final act, and they may intertwine with storylines from even more characters to wrap up the series. 


Jayce, Piltover’s man of progress, has carved himself a spot as one of Arcane’s main characters in the Upper City. His Hextech technologies have revolutionized trade in Piltover, and he makes drastic changes as a member of the Council. He gets assisted by Mel, who informs him he could have targets on his back if he didn’t sacrifice his security plans to appease the rest of the council members. Through her, he gets involved in the politics inside the Council and makes deals with other members, which end up getting them on his side.


The Father of Piltover appears at the start of Progress Day, the city’s festival of science and innovation, when he asks Jayce to speak during the celebrations. After that, the champion doesn’t show up until the end of the act, when Viktor finally unravels the mystery of the Hexcore. Heimerdinger, however, asks Jayce and Viktor to destroy the experiment after being reminded of the chaos caused by the Rune Wars. Jayce refuses and later, with other council members, votes him out of the council based on the idea that he is hindering progress. 


Viktor was hopeful and ambitious in the first act. As the series progresses into act two, however, the champion becomes more sickly, coughing out blood frequently. His character is ill and desperate to save his life with the Hexcore. He also seems to start getting disconnected from Jayce and comes intends to use the Hexcore to its full potential.

Viewers get a glimpse of his past when Singed meets him in the undercity of Zaun. He also runs into Heimerdinger there during the second part of the show. The final act might see him finally take his mechanical champion form, which the community knows from League.


Marcus snatched Vi away from Powder at the end of the first act and imprisoned her in the Upper City. She accompanies Caitlyn on an investigation to Zaun to find more about Silco’s intentions and her sister Powder (now Jinx). Vi grows as a character during their time in Zaun, and the audience sees her cherishing the foods of the undercity. During her expedition, she develops a connection to Caitlyn and takes revenge on one of the Enforcers responsible for Vander’s death. She finally encounters Silco and Jinx at the end of the second act.


Jinx has one of the most significant story arcs as she develops into someone obsessed with gunpowder, explosives, and causing mayhem. She’s working with Silco, and it seems he has been using Jinx to inflict chaos in Piltover. She isn’t entirely cynical yet, however. When she finds out about Vi’s release from the prison, Jinx looks to reunite with her sister by lighting the blue flare Vi gave her in act one.

When she spots Vi with Caitlyn, she thinks Vi tried to set her up. To add to the misunderstanding, the Firelights make an unexpected appearance and steal the Hextech Gemstone from them. Despite taking down a few of the Firelights, Jinx couldn’t stop them from taking Vi. 


Caitlyn didn’t appear as much in the first act, but she had a strong presence in the second part of the series. She secretly investigates the Hexgate break-in that happened in episode four and takes pieces of evidence with her, but she gets caught by Marcus. To get more information on who was behind the attack, she breaks Vi out of her prison and takes her to Zaun, discovering about Shimmer and the condition of the people in the undercity. She also helps Vi in her search for Jinx, developing a deeper relationship with the former prisoner.


Singed is seen working with Silco in the first act. Act two, however, reveals his interactions with a young Viktor. He was impressed by Viktor’s inventions and showed him a mutated creature named Rio, an adult form of the little legend in Teamfight Tactics named “Piximander.” The viewers can notice Singed is moving closer to his champion form in League, who looks to perform experiments by crossing horrifying limits for his notion of the collective good.

Honorable mentions: Ekko and Teemo

Ekko was a captivating side character in Arcane’s first act, but he was nowhere to be seen in the second part. According to some theories, however, he could be the enigmatic leader of the Firelights considering their technology looks similar to the champion’s kit in League. With the Hextech Gemstone in his arsenal, the show could reveal his identity as the Firelight Leader in the final act.

The Bandle City yordle Teemo also had some Easter eggs during the first act, but they get even better in the second part. When Silco was subtly threatening Marcus, one of the guys behind Silco was sitting on a toy horse reading a book with pictures of the Bandle Scout. Teemo could appear in the final act, or it could just be Riot Games throwing more lore into the series from the Runeterra Universe.

The first and second acts of Arcane are available to stream on Netflix, and the final act comes out on Nov. 20.