Haunting Crime City Nightmare splash arts for Akali, TF, Darius, and Graves unveiled, new ‘Phoenix’ cosmetics also revealed

Do crime in style.

Image via Riot Games

League of Legends fans hit the polls earlier this year to vote in Crime City Nightmare as an upcoming skin thematic—and now we got a first look at some splash arts.

Surrender at 20 mod moobeat found several splash arts on the League Weibo today, sharing images for nine upcoming skins. And while the Crime City Nightmare thematic was already confirmed, a new “Phoenix” skin line was also revealed for what appears to be Seraphine, Xayah, and Anivia. As for Crime City Nightmare, fans can expect cosmetics for Akali, Twisted Fate, Shaco, Darius, Graves and what looks like Zyra.

The Crime City Nightmare skins are haunting, donning hues of white, black, and bright purples to exemplify dark magic. And the skins appear to have glowing eyes adorned in each champion’s armor. By pairing those themes with clean masks and stylish suits, these champs are clearly bringing style to the criminal life.

The Phoenix skins use bright oranges, greens, and yellows, apparently playing on the bird theme by also supplying ample amounts of plumage. And the majestic Anivia sports a large gem on her head as well as rainbow wings, giving the Cryophoenix a god-like aura.

Though Crime City Nightmare won the fan vote, product lead Ambrielle Army said that “Debonair 2.0 came in at a close second, so we decided to make them both.” It’s unclear exactly when any of the three skin lines will make their League debut. But with splash arts created, they’re likely not too far off.

Update Aug. 10 11:30am CT: An earlier version of this article said one of the Crime City skins was for Evelynn, but it appears to be Zyra. Riot has yet to confirm the specific champs that are receiving these skins aside from Akali and Twisted Fate, however.

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