Hanwha Life Esports’ Chovy secures a pentakill in LCK Summer Split on Akali to lead his team to victory

The star mid laner popped off in today's series against KT Rolster.

Photo via Riot Games

After a disastrous start to the 2021 LCK Summer Split, Hanwha Life Esports has been slowly climbing up in the standings.

The star mid laner has been leading his team in the past victories with impressive performances. In today’s series against KT Rolster, Chovy picked up an impressive pentakill on Akali to put the final nail in the coffin for KT. His swift moves and aggressive Flash helped his team reverse sweep KT after a disastrous start to the series. He picked up both MVP votes for his performance on Sylas and Akali.

While Hanwha Life Esports had a single win and five losses going into the fourth week of the 2021 LCK Summer Split, they’ve quickly found their Spring Split form and have been winning game after game. They’re currently on a three-game winning streak and the man leading this change is Chovy in the mid-lane. He is one of the best mid laners the LCK has to offer and even in games where his team loses the match, he manages to put up a strong performance. His team usually loses the matches where Chovy falls behind, however, or if he is put on a non-carry champion.

While LCK is usually known for a passive playstyle, a chaotic teamfight pops up sometimes where players get the chance to pick up a pentakill. This is the second pentakill of the split, with Fredit BRION’s Lava picking up the first one on Akali as well during the first match of the split.

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