No. 1 ranked Teamfight Tactics player Hafu explains the balance between RNG and skill in TFT

You can't blame all your misfortunes on luck.

Image via Riot Games

Most players have experienced those moments in Riot Games’ new game mode, Teamfight Tactics, where they blame their continued losses on bad luck. Rumay “Hafu” Wang, the No. 1 ranked TFT player, had plenty to say about people who blame RNG for all of their losses.

“There’s an element of RNG, but there’s a reason why people can consistently do really well,” Hafu said. “You’re gonna have unfortunate rolls sometimes but your opponents are also going to have unfortunate rolls. It’s just a very toxic mentality to always think about all these elements that you can’t control.”

She went on to make an example of herself, saying multiple different things she could have done differently in the previous game she had just lost. There were multiple aspects of the game that she had control over that might have helped her win the game if she made different decisions. She doesn’t like putting all the blame on luck, however.

Hafu also compared TFT to Poker, which is a great analogy for some players. Poker is another game that’s based on luck and RNG, and yet there’s still plenty of skill involved that can separate the best players in the world from normal people.

Although many unfortunate instances can make it seem like the universe is against you when playing TFT, there might have been several smaller decisions that you could have made that would have altered the outcome in your favor.