Graves player makes enemy Zeri’s life miserable with constant sidestepping in League

Sometimes overloaded kits can work against new champions.

League of Legends’ newest champion, Zeri, excels at being one of the most mobile champions in the game, making it very difficult for players to efficiently catch her out. Luckily for her enemies, most of her abilities are skillshot-focused, giving them some room to escape her constant fire.

Zeri’s mobility matters very little if she can’t hit any of her skillshots—including the one used as her basic attack. As Graves, a player took advantage of the opposing Zeri trying their hardest to bring them to their deaths by simply sidestepping in and out of a bush. Doing so made it very difficult for Zeri to bring Graves’ health low, as seen in a video uploaded to Reddit.

For 30 seconds, the Zeri player missed almost every skillshot onto Graves thanks to the player’s quick thinking. Graves did not attack them whatsoever throughout this duration, instead taking in the encounter and the amusement they found in Zeri’s attempts. When Graves got to a low HP threshold, instead of simply using their basic attack spell on Graves, the Zeri player continued to try and shoot Graves yet missing over and over again, giving Graves the room to escape into the dragon pit.

While many players are still attempting to figure out how exactly Zeri works, it’s clear that her sheer mobility and focus on skillshots can be both an asset and a detriment to herself. The Spark of Zaun is still the latest champion to make it to the live servers, but she only has two weeks left as the new kid on the block before League’s newest champion, Renata Glasc, joins the game in Patch 12.4.

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