Golden Guardians signs Thinkcard as Academy head coach

The former LCS pro coached Clutch Gaming to the World Championship in 2019.

Photo via Riot Games

Golden Guardians has added tenured League of Legends coach Thinkcard to serve as the organization’s head coach at the Academy level, the team announced today. 

Thinkcard spent two years as an LCS pro in 2014 and 2015. Most recently, though, Thinkcard served as the head coach of Dignitas’ main LCS roster during the 2020 season. The team posted a 15-27 record during his only season at the helm. 

Now, Thinkcard joins a Golden Guardians Academy squad in need of a desperate turnaround. 

This spring, Golden Guardians Academy posted a 2-7 record during the most recent North American Academy split. At the recent LCS Proving Grounds tournament, the team produced a 2-2 match record while winning five of the nine games they competed in. Golden Guardians Academy were ultimately eliminated from the tournament in the third round by 100 Thieves Academy. 

At the LCS level, Golden Guardians is nurturing a roster filled to the brim with young players such as Niles and Iconic. At the Academy level, the team is working on maturing even more young players. An organization that’s going all-in on its prospects is expectedly calling on a coach like Thinkcard, who worked with players such as V1per and Johnsun, to develop young talent of its own.

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