Golden Guardians hand Team Liquid second loss of LCS 2022 Spring Split

The Golden Guardians have taken down Team Liquid in dominant fashion.

Image via Tina Jo of Riot Games and

Golden Guardians have pulled off the upset against Team Liquid in week four of the LCS 2022 Spring Split and improved to 4-3.

The game immediately began with a one-for-one in the bottom lane with both teams’ AD carries grabbing kills at the 2-minute mark. Just two minutes later, Olleh helped Lost obtain his second kill of the game in seven minutes. The game slowed down for a bit as GG’s bottom lane pressure helped them obtain two dragons at the 11-minute mark.

Liquid found their way back into the game after they outplayed GG in the top side at 13 minutes to bring the gold back to even. As the game transitioned from the early to mid-game, it was GG who was in the driver seat against the number one LCS team in Liquid. Lost’s Jinx held a 4/0/0 scoreline at 18 minutes as GG had four turrets and three dragons at that point in the game.

At 19 minutes, it was a battle of mechanics in the bottom lane as both teams battled for pressure. The fight started with two members of Liquid killed by Lost before they killed his Jinx and proceeded to sweep the remaining GG members with just Ablazeolive’s Ryze. In an impressive one-vs-three scenario, however, Ablazeolive pulled the fight back in favor of GG as he got the triple kill outplay.

This helped GG grab the baron around the 20-minute mark as they used those baron empowered minions to grab more map pressure. Still, even with GG’s map pressure and advantageous team fights, they only held a 3,000 gold lead over Liquid at 27 minutes, though GG was able to grab an uncontested mountain soul to further help their advantage.

Liquid attempted to find a pick onto Ablazeolive, but the rest of GG ended up decimating Liquid as Lost was untouchable on his Jinx, where he grabbed a quadra.

This win for GG propels the team up to a 4-3 record as the team’s two carries in Lost and Ablazeolive were integral in being able to close out their lead and pull off the upset on Liquid. Now on a two-game win streak, GG will look to extend that against Evil Geniuses and Immortals as the underdogs look to continue their push for playoffs.

As for Liquid, they drop down to second in the LCS 2022 Spring Split with a 5-2 record. They will look to bounce back against Dignitas in their second game of the LCS superweek.