Golden Guardians bring out the top lane Tristana in a win over 100 Thieves

Will Tristana be seen more in competitive play?

Photo via Riot Games

AD carries now have a new champion to try out if they get sent to the top lane in solo queue: Tristana.

Golden Guardians displayed the power of top lane Tristana to LCS viewers today in their sub-30 minute win vs. 100 Thieves.  

“Tristana is just really strong right now,” Golden Guardians mid laner Henrik “Froggen” Hansen said in the post-game interview. “She has a lot of all-in potential.”

After picking their bot lane in the first round of the draft, Golden Guardians were forced to blind pick their solo laners’ champions. Instead of picking conventional “blind pick” champions, Golden Guardians took the opportunity to unveil their top lane Tristana in addition to the seldom-seen mid lane Karthus. 

In response to Tristana, 100 Thieves drafted Kled top lane, a champion Froggen thinks does well against Tristana. “I think Kled is actually a pretty good champion to actually avoid getting one-shot by just Tristana all-inning and Karthus ulting,” Froggen said. 

The Kled initially did well against Tristana, with 100 Thieves killing the Yordle gunner early in the game thanks to a gank by 100 Thieves jungler Maurice “Amazing” Stückenschneider.  

But shortly after that one death, Tristana was able to come online following a teamfight around Rift Herald that ended in Golden Guardians’ favor. From that point forward, Golden Guardians took full control of the match, pushing their lead through teamfighting.

“I think their team comp, I don’t know, I don’t think it was too good since they can’t just use Thresh and Skarner to just pick us off with their ultimate, lantern, hooks, and stuff,” Froggen said regarding 100 Thieves’ team composition. “So it was just pretty easy for us to win teamfights.” 

Between Tristana, Ezreal, and Kathus, Golden Guardians built a composition that was extremely difficult to lockdown, even with champions that have hard crowd control abilities like Skarner.

Golden Guardians will face off against OpTic Gaming tomorrow in a battle for sixth place.