Gen.G take down KT Rolster, remain undefeated to start 2021 LCK Summer Split

Ruler's Ezreal was the pivotal pick in today's match.

Photo via Riot Games

Gen.G picked up a 2-1 win over KT Rolster today in the 2021 LCK Summer Split. Many League of Legends fans were excited about this match after KT handed DWG KIA their first loss of the split last week. But Gen.G secured the victory to move to 3-0 early on in the 2021 Summer Split.

The MVP votes for Gen.G in today’s series went to Life and Bdd. Life, Gen.G’s support, used Leona in the first game to secure multiple strong engages for his team by going head-in and giving his teammates enough time to follow up. Bdd, Gen.G’s mid laner, used Azir to have flashy engages on unaware enemies by using the combination of his Flash and ultimate. He did three times as much damage as his opponent and was one of the main reasons why Gen.G won the last game in this showdown.

The first game of this series began with Gen.G taking the lead across the map. Once Ruler’s Ezreal got fed, it was lights out for the KT squad, who had no tools to deal with the slippery AD carry. He had a strong frontline and great peel from his Orianna in the mid lane, who kept enemies at bay while Ruler slowly chipped away at their health. Even though KT lost the game, they were able to put up a decent fight despite being behind in gold. This iteration of KT looks much better compared to their Spring Split form, where they failed to put up a fight if they fell behind.

Going into the second game, KT picked a similar composition to what they used in the first match. But this time, it saw much more success. They were able to get early gold leads, which were converted into drake kills. Once the match got to teamfights, KT had the upper hand and were able to quickly equalize the series.

The third game’s draft looked similar for both teams and they defaulted to comfort picks. KT put up a decent fight early on during the laning phase, but once Gen.G started grouping up, KT couldn’t keep up and slowly withered away. While KT tried to make a last stand by rushing the Baron, Gen.G stole it and finished the game.

Gen.G’s next match is against Nongshim RedForce on Friday, June 18 at 6am CT. Both teams are undefeated right now, but one of them will suffer their first loss during this clash.

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