Gen.G beat DWG KIA, secure finals spot in 2022 Spring Split Playoffs

The superteam have a chance at overtaking T1 and making history.

Image via Riot Games/Flickr

Gen.G took down DWG KIA after a breathtaking five-match series in the LCK today. They will be facing the mighty T1 next week in the finals to fight for the LCK Spring Split title.

After a series of COVID-related hurdles for Gen.G, they are finally in the LCK 2022 finals. At the same time, DWG KIA have been losing to underdogs and struggled to find the synergy between the new players that joined the team this year. After their semifinal playoff series, both squads had a similar figure of +1800 gold per minute, according to League of Legends stats website Games of Legends. This showcased how equally they were matched in the series, which went down to the wire.

Gen.G came out with the unusual Shen support to counter DWG KIA’s global presence with Twisted Fate. The first match saw an aggressive early game with both junglers trying to make proactive plays on the map. Gen.G came out top in these skirmishes and slowly started to build their lead in the match, grabbing dragons and the Mountain Soul in the mid-game. However, DWG KIA scored some picks and traded Baron to delay the match towards the next objective, the Elder Dragon. Both teams contested the objective, but DWG KIA secured it and turned the teamfight around in their favor. The fight ended in key picks and long death cooldowns, and DWG KIA cracked the enemy Nexus open to secure game one.

DWG KIA came out swinging in the next matchup and played perfectly through the early game, securing kills and giving less room to Gen.G. Canyon secured three dragons while Gen.G were skirmishing and getting kills to extend their lead. They shifted their focus towards the fourth dragon to delay the soul for DWG KIA, who secured the next dragon. Gen.G got yet another great teamfight to gain a monumental lead in the match despite the enemy having the Soul. With such a lead, they got the Baron, and DWG KIA couldn’t challenge the objective because of their gold deficit. The last teamfight took place near the Elder Dragon, where Gen.G got a fair fight and turned the match in their favor.

The third game saw both teams on equal footing until DWG KIA started winning the teamfights and secured the match to put the series at 2-1. However, Gen.G came out on top in the next match with robust objective control and toppled their enemies to bring the series to a decider. 

DWG KIA dominated the decider match, securing kills in timely ganks and teamfights. Gen.G, on the other hand, looked in shambles. They couldn’t secure kills and fell behind in the early and mid-game. However, when DWG KIA overextended in the top lane, Gen.G got some kills, and they started contesting the enemy in fights to minimize their deficit. In a last teamfight near Baron, Chovy secured three picks on the enemies, which led to the Baron buff going to Gen.G’s pockets. They rushed through the mid lane and turned the final game in their favor to book a ticket to the finals.

The LCK finals matchup between Gen.G and T1 comes a big weight for both teams. For T1, it would be an opportunity to place their legacy on the Korean charts and end their miraculous campaign on a higher note. Gen.G, on the other hand, could looking to establish themselves as the Korean Superteam overcoming their biggest hurdle yet. The matchup between T1 and Gen.G will take place next Saturday, April 2, at 3am CT.

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