This fan-made Gatekeeper Karma concept art looks fantastic

Could Gatekeeper Galio have a new companion in the future?

Image via Riot Games

Fan-made League of Legends concept and skin art is nothing new. In fact, artist Vlad Bacescu has created countless pieces in the past—but his recent Karma concept might be his greatest work yet.

Based off Galio’s Gatekeeper skin, Karma looks to be joining the champion by protecting the crypts of Valoran.

The artist didn’t just stop at the design for Karma, he also changed up her abilities to give them a demonic green glow and added new particle effects to the concept design. Every tiny detail, down to the wings, has been meticulously crafted to fit the Gatekeeper image from the updated Gatekeeper Galio splash art.

Though these designs are only concepts, players have been keen to turn artist renditions into actual 3D models to use in-game, such as the Star Guardian Vel’Koz concept that was circulating a few days ago. Let’s hope that someone can turn this Gatekeeper skin into a working model in the future.

You can see this design and more League skin concepts on the artist’s ArtStation page. Let’s hope Riot Games uses these great designs in the future by making them official skins.