Gangplank hasn’t received a non-esports League skin in over 1,000 days

The main pirate of the Rift has seemingly been forgotten.

Image via Riot Games

Over the years, various League of Legends champions have joined the infamous “1,000-day skinless club.” The latest addition to this exclusive club is League’s main pirate, Gangplank.

The last original skin that Gangplank received was his Pool Party skin, which was released on Aug. 2, 2018. Since then, he’s only gotten a Worlds skin on April 30, 2020 to commemorate FunPlus Phoenix’s victory at the biggest League event of the year. These esports skins are picked by Worlds-winning players instead of Riot and are themed according to the winning team’s colors or region. Unlike most skins, esports-themed cosmetics are sold only on occasion, usually around major esports events like the annual Mid-Season Invitational or World Championship. Aside from the FPX cosmetic, Gangplank hasn’t received another skin in over 1,000 days.

Image via Riot Games

Some champions like Rumble, Singed, and Zac have previously joined this 1,000-day club due to their lower play rates, which doesn’t really promote skin sales for the champions. Gangplank, however, has been a staple pick in the top lane for years. His kit is great regardless of the meta and he always manages to find a way to be useful even after nerfs were applied to his kit and preferred items.

The top lane pirate has a 49.94-percent win rate right now alongside a 2.88-percent pick rate, according to data from stats website While those numbers might seem low, they’re a bit deceiving due to a small sample size after the latest patch hit the Rift. He usually has a higher pick rate that rivals the top-five champions in the top lane.

While Gangplank has a wide array of skins, most players default to using Special Forces or Dreadnova due to their smooth animations. If Riot wants players to purchase a new skin for the champ, the company will have to find a way to get creative and provide a unique cosmetic for the main pirate of the Rift.

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