Galio finally being nerfed in League, plus other mid lane changes on the way

Please no more Q one-shotting, thanks.

Image via Riot Games

If you’ve been perusing the League of Legends YouTube or Reddit community over the course of the pre-season, you may have stumbled across one of the many, many clips of Galio one-shotting someone with his Q.

In most cases, videos like those are staged a little bit and the champion doing the one-shotting is several levels and items ahead of the victim. But in Galio’s case, he doesn’t actually need much of an advantage to nuke someone with his Q, and for such an easy ability to land, that’s a problem. Luckily for anyone that’s been on the receiving end of it, that shouldn’t happen quite as often in Patch 9.2—a rather large nerf to the Q’s damage arrived on the PBE with the latest update.

The nerf is to the ability’s AP scaling, which is good, as most Galio players nowadays build nothing but AP, AP, and more AP. Now, rather than dealing 1.33 percent of the target’s maximum health per 100 AP, it will deal 0.66 percent per 100 AP. That’s significantly less damage, and its mana cost is even going up as well, but that’s not quite as dramatic a change.

There are other changes coming to the mid lane, too, one for an item and one for another champion. Kassadin’s base armor and armor per level are both going down, which should make him more vulnerable to AD mid laners. That’s good, as he’s supposed to be a mage counter, but AD champions haven’t really been a clear counter to him.

The item change, on the other hand, comes for the Morellonomicon and its component item, the Oblivion Orb. Both items will now provide five less AP. Many mid laners have been building the Morello due to its innate power, so a flat reduction in AP is probably needed.

All of these changes should be arriving in about a week with Patch 9.2.