Giants Gaming are one step closer to the EU LCS

Ninjas in Pyjamas are knocking on death's door.

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Giants Gaming destroyed Ninjas in Pyjamas 3-1 in the EU LCS Spring Promotion Tournament after a series of successful teamfights.

Giants won the first two games through impressive early to late-game team compositions. Strong communication, vision, and early-game pressure, helped Giants build a substantial gold lead to dominate both games and destroy NiP, putting NiP at death’s door.

In the third game, however, NiP finally came alive.

NiP had a better start, gaining a huge gold lead across the map in the opening 10 minutes. Giants did come back into the game around the 20-minute mark, however, with a strong team fight in the mid lane, but only for a couple of seconds.

It wasn’t long until NiP completed a successful turn around to get an Ace, the Baron buff, and close out the game with a 10,000 gold lead.

This would be the only win of the night for NiP, however, as Giants shrugged off the loss to win the fourth and final game of the night.

After another impressive start from NiP, Giants scored a series of quick objective grabs in the opening 20 minutes. After gaining a significant lead, Giants closed out the game by winning teamfight after teamfight and taking complete control of the map.

Schalke and Giants will fight it out for the first EU LCS spot in the 2018 season when the two sides meet next week. NiP face off against Mysterious Monkeys in a do-or-die matchup, to give themselves one last shot of promotion to the EU LCS.

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