G2 Esports win their fourth consecutive EU LCS title

Misfits failed to deliver on the big stage.

Photo via Riot Games

G2 Esports have retained their title, picking up another EU LCS trophy after a dazzling performance against Misfits in Paris earlier today.

G2 came out on top of this series with their first 3-0 victory against Misfits. The G2 meme of winning a final 3-1 died just as quickly as Misfits’ hopes of contesting the title.

Both teams already guaranteed their spots at Worlds in China on Sept. 23 and were fighting for the EU LCS’ first seed.

Game one saw a great start from Misfits slowly and methodically broken down by G2 moments later. Misfits looked like a scattered team with no coordination, while G2 dominated large portions of the match.

The second game seemed to be a repeat of the first, with Misfits gaining a small lead in the early game once again. Unlike the first game, however, Misfits fell to G2 after being too greedy, trying to contest fights that they had no hope of winning and giving up sloppy kills in the process.

Misfits continued to get caught out as the game went on, and G2 quickly built their lead en route to a second game victory.

In the third game, all eyes were on Misfits to showcase the form fans had come to expect from them after their dominant victories over Unicorns of Love in the quarterfinals and Fnatic in the semifinals. Misfits ADC Steven “Hans sama” Liv even brought out the Draven to try to change his team’s fortune in this series.

But any hopes of Misfits beginning a reverse sweep, however, were dashed at the 30-minute mark.

Misfits played superbly in the opening 20 minutes, building about a 4,000 gold lead. But they started to fall behind after the 20-minute mark, and once again, Misfits gave G2 the opportunity to get back into this game.

It wasn’t long until G2 found a Baron and ace, and shut down any hopes that Misfits had of finding an unlikely win. Moments later, G2 broke in Misfits’ base and took down the Nexus to secure their fourth consecutive EU LCS title.

The EU LCS Summer Split is now officially over, but there are still matches left to play. Splyce, Unicorns of Love, H2K Gaming, and Fnatic are all set to play each other for the third and final EU LCS spot at Worlds on Sept. 8 in the EU LCS Regional Qualifiers.