G2 look for revenge against Misfits in LEC’s match of the week

Each win is crucial with only two weeks of LEC play left before the postseason.

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A rematch between G2 Esports and Misfits Gaming is the LEC’s match of the week for this weekend.

After being ahead by more than 10,000 gold earlier in the 2021 LEC Summer Split, G2 threw their previous match against Misfits by recalling near the Elder Dragon. Misfits took the all-important buff without issue and went on to turn the game around, even while being at a huge disadvantage. This loss seemingly empowered G2, however, since they then went on a three-game win streak against Astralis, Rogue, and Vitality before being stopped by Fnatic.

Going into this rematch, all eyes will be on the solo laners of both teams. Misfit’s HiRit and Vetheo have multiple edges in various stats compared to G2’s Caps and Wunder, according to gol.gg. HiRit is ranked first in KDA (4.2), second in average kills (3.8), second to last in average deaths (2.4), and first in damage share to champions (24.7 percent) for LEC top laners this split, while Wunder is far behind him in most of those stats. Even though G2 aren’t a team that usually carries through the top lane, they’ll have to give some priority to the lane if they want to keep HiRit under control and stop him from taking over the match.

The situation is similar in the middle lane with Vetheo leading in various stats this split, such as KDA (7.4) and average kills (4.6). He’s also last in average deaths per game (1.5) and third in kill participation (71.3 percent). Caps, on the other hand, has had a lackluster split and hasn’t been the main carry of G2. As a result, his stats aren’t that impressive. But Caps’ numbers have heavily improved recently—coincidentally after he shaved his head. The mid laner has even received the nickname Balds from the casters in the process. If he can produce a performance against Misfits that’s similar to what he’s done in the past four games, he’ll most likely be the deciding factor for G2 in this weekend’s showdown.

Photo via Riot Games

Over in the bottom lane, the duos seem somewhat evenly matched. Vander has had a bigger impact than Mikyx throughout the split, but Rekkles has been popping off more than Kobbe. This match will most likely be decided by the solo laners, who have a variety of carry champions at their disposal—Irelia, Gwen, Viego, LeBlanc—who can easily take over the Rift if they get an early-game lead.

You can catch this match of the week on Saturday, July 24 at 2pm CT.

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