G2 Jankos’ stellar Lee Sin outplay helps team snag 3 kills in League solo queue

Clean Sin.

Photo via Riot Games

After facing the best of the best at the 2020 League of Legends World Championship, smurfing in solo queue is light work for G2 Esports jungler Jankos.

The Polish pro managed to survive with a sliver of health during his Twitch broadcast today, helping his team pick up three kills with an insane Lee Sin outplay.

While trying to help his Tristana in the top lane against Renekton, Jankos got put to sleep when the enemy Lillia counterganked. The jungler was able to escape toward his tower after taking considerable damage. But after he hit a Q on Renekton, he couldn’t resist the urge to go for the kill.

Jankos took the Q on Renekton, who was standing behind Lillia, and used it to kick the fawn toward his tower and Safeguard to safety. Lillia was taken out by a combination of Tristana attacks and turret shots before falling.

Renekton, seemingly angered by the play, tower dove with his ally Rakan. Jankos masterfully hit a Q on the Butcher of the Sands and used it to dodge Rakan’s knock-up. With the tower continuing to rain shots on the enemies, Renekton died while Jankos survived with 29 health. With only a half-health Rakan left, the jungler simply waited for his teammates to finish the job.

With Worlds behind him, the jungler has turned to climbing solo queue, streaming, and analyzing Tyler1’s op.gg. Jankos hilariously reviewed the T1 streamer’s League matches without knowing it, claiming his champ pool is “fine” but encouraging him to pick up Shen to help his team more. He also let out a “yikes” when seeing Tyler1’s 0/10 Cho’Gath game.

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