G2 get their revenge against Team Liquid with Wunder leading the charge at Worlds 2020

Liquid were no match for G2 today.

Photo via Riot Games

G2 Esports dominated Team Liquid today to kick off the second round robin of the 2020 League of Legends World Championship. The LEC’s first seed looked strong in all lanes today, but Wunder was on another level in the top lane.

Wunder was given Sylas, a champion that fit G2’s composition perfectly while also countering Liquid’s comp. All five of Liquid’s ultimates were great for Sylas to steal, which came to bite TL as the game went on. Wunder’s performance was phenomenal throughout the entire game, finishing the match deathless with five kills and six assists while also boasting around 10 creep kills per minute.

In the bot lane, though, TL’s rookie ADC Tactical was heavily targeted after being the primary carry for his team at this year’s Worlds. G2’s efforts were rewarded with Tactical falling behind on gold and experience. With an underfed ADC, Liquid’s composition didn’t really work and they fell so far behind that by 23 minutes, they faced around a 10,000 gold deficit.

With a huge lead, G2 turned to Baron. Even though Liquid tried to stop them, they were helpless in the end. Liquid got aced while only killing one G2 player.

After winning the next teamfight, G2 finished the match. The European squad was simply in control for the duration of the game, unlike the first meeting between these two teams at Worlds 2020, which Liquid won.

This win is huge for G2, giving them sole possession of first place in Group A. They’ll face Machi Esports and Suning later today. A win against either team will secure their slot in the knockout stage of Worlds 2020.

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